Friday, September 9, 2005

Turning 28 is fun

So, I turned 28 on Wednesday and my awesome wife put together a little throwdown last night at one of our favorite bars in town, Rosie McCaffrey’s. I’m paying for it today. Now, I know this is an mp3 blog, but we got some good pics and I thought I’d share. If you look hard enough, I’ve sprinkled a few tunes throughout.
And for any of my friends who are reading this, thanks for coming out! Jay and Carrie hooked me up with a gift certificate to Stinkweeds, and Angie and Chris got me a gift that, in Chris’ words, is tits. (You’ll see.) On with the pictures …
There’s my wife Annie in what we call the money shot.
That’s me. Rock ‘n’ roll forever.
Dave, Jay and Carrie smile pretty.
MP3: Pep Love (of Hieroglyphics) | Family and Friends
Jessica and Royce enjoy the drinkies.
My man Chris cops a feel on a total stranger.OK, no. That’s his girlfriend Angie.
Angie and Chris brought me back this beautiful mug from Florida.”It’s tits,” Chris said.
MP3: Living Legends | Fill My Drink
Monica gives her husband Angel the bird. Royce thinks that’s funny.
Dan smokes a stogie.
Darren moves in on my wife.
Chris bought me a jager bomb — a jager shot dropped into Red Bull.
MP3: Alejandro Escovedo | I Was Drunk

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