Sunday, September 18, 2005

Atban Klann: the finale

You asked for it, you got it: The final few tracks from Atban Klann’s Grass Roots, from the group that now is the Black Eyed Peas. For those that missed the previous three posts, scroll down.

The final few tracks offer my favorite, Puddles of H20, which I also own as a 12″ single on vinyl (which is, unfortunately, slightly warped). Another gem is La Borio Woman Beater, a Slick Rick-like narrative. Notice the title Duet, which was revived on Behind the Front, although this Duet is a much better song.

Atban Klann | Puddles of H20
Atban Klann | DuetAtban Klann | StrollingAtban Klann | YougohdahAtban Klann | La Borio Woman Beater

Football wrap-up: After a rough go of it last week, I rebounded nicely this weekend. For starters, Arizona State (No. 18 in AP poll) stomped Northwestern 52-21 and, in the process, rolled up a school-record 773 yards of offense. Sam Keller threw for 409 yards and four TDs, and freshman stud Keegan Herring finished with 197 yards on 23 attempts. Next up: Pac-10 opener at Oregon State this week.

Then on Sunday, the Bears punked the Lions 38-6, intercepting Joey Harrington five times, which surely made Chris long for the days of Rodney Peete (or maybe Erik Kramer? Yikes). QB Kyle Orton and WR Muhsin Muhammad hooked up on a 28-yard TD, and Thomas Jones rushed for 139 yards and two TDs.But it was the Bears’ defense that carried me to a huuuuge victory in my money fantasy league, and Terrell Owens’ big game. Did I mention I picked up Owens in the THIRD ROUND?

Then I rode T. Jones and Bears ‘D’ and toppled Ryan in our Blogger Fanatasy Football league, giving me ample trash-talking opportunities in Austin this weekend. That improves me to 2-0 with a clash vs. Chris this week while we’re in Austin. I smell wagers.

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