Wednesday, September 14, 2005

By request, more Atban Klann

Because of popular demand — yes, two comments is considered “demand” in these parts — I’m continuing to offer tracks from the never-was-released Grass Roots from Atban Klann (now known as Black Eyed Peas).
This lot offers one of my faves, Mountain Top, and the anti-cop track Lord of the Flies. Again, I’m trying my best to clean up the sound with Audio Hijack Pro, but gimme some feedback — too much bass? too much treble? — and I’ll try to correct it. There’s about seven or eight tracks left, which includes my No. 1 favorite on the album. (Ahem, I’m not above bribery to polish this project off; worth a try anyway.)
Atban Klann | Lord of the Flies
Atban Klann | Quid Pro Quo
Atban Klann | Jugglin’ My Nuts (a little jokey interlude; not sure if that’s actually the name of the song)
Atban Klann | Mountain Top 

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