Friday, August 12, 2005

Brendan Benson on Sirius Left of Sessions

OK, so I flaked on Flashback Friday. But South of Mainstream has you covered there.
Instead, I spent the morning recording and meticulously trimming (via Audio Hijack Proand AudacityBrendan Benson’s set on the Sirius satellite radio show Left of Sessions: Seven tracks, including a Gram Parsons cover of Strong Boy.
With Audio Hijack, I think the sound turned out decent; the Internet stream tends to sound a little tinny from Sirius. Any feedback on the sound is appreciated. (Songs are listed alphabetically, not in the order he played them.)
Brendan Benson | Alternative to Love
Brendan Benson | Between Us
Brendan Benson | Cold Hands (Warm Heart)
Brendan Benson | Get It Together
Brendan Benson | Spit It Out
Brendan Benson | Strong Boy (Gram Parsons cover)
Brendan Benson | What I’m Looking For

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